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Today, litoral’s wager is to recuperate the spirit that lit the closeness to the letter of littoral, the Paris published review. In this new phase of litoral, edited in Mexico, we will seek to publish stake high texts written originally in Castilian, which in turn are rigorous regarding the letter. Not scholarly researches, but writings which question the analyst regarding its position in this practice that makes such a peculiar experience, as psychoanalysis is.

Litoral Editores will also publish books in paper and in electronic format and will support with documents the readings of Lacan. Our editorial news will be available in our website,, where it is already possible to download for free the first issues of the review and very soon you will be able to subscribe to the paper format review, to buy our books and to access the Document section, which is divided in four subsections: Documents of the Lacan seminars; Documents regarding psychoanalysis in Latin America; Contemporary documents on psychoanalysis and Historical Documents. You will also be able to search for activities organized by litoral, one of the editorial houses of the École lacanienne de psychanalyse.





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